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I'm originally from Colombia 🇨🇴  but have lived in the US for the past 10 years. I grew up curious and adventurous, heavily influenced by a family of artists and cyclists. I decided to quit my career in engineering to pursue my evident romance with the visual arts. Capturing time became my favorite so cameras are my most eloquent medium of expression. My first contact with film gear happened while working as an equipment manager in Florida. Later, I began operating them while managing a production studio in California.


I thrive working in film productions because at heart, I am a team player. Also, I see my professional life as a book. The preface and introduction of my career can be defined by my first love: photography. Chapter one can say a lot about building cameras, understanding lighting, and managing a studio. Also, about my experience as a grip and AC. Chapter two can be about combining all of that equipment knowledge, management skills, and camera aesthetics to direct photography. So far, I am in the third chapter, which is about planning and executing the show as a producer and director.


I hope we can meet one day on set and if not,  we can always connect outside of work. I love writing, cycling, yoga, and rock climbing. 


*Always freelancing as a DOP, Director & Camera Operator

Think Out Loud

Late 2020-present


Producer, DOP & Director

Mac House


Fremont, CA

Studio Manager & Creative (CAM OP, Director, DOP & AC)

C&I Studios


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Equipment Manager & Photographer (AC)

Midtown Athletic Club


Weston, FL

Photographer & Yoga Instructor 



ASC Masterclass | September 2022

Cal State East Bay | Video & Animation ( 3 semesters)

Associate of Arts, Concentration in Photography | Broward College | Graduated in 2016


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